Raspberry Pi madness 

People get really upset when you suggest they shouldn't need to drive their car everywhere.

Why is this so contraversial?

For context about the Raspberry Pi stuff today, UK surveillance police infiltrated various protest groups and, under false identities, had long-term relationships and even children with people they were spying on e.g. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19784802 & en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_under There's plenty of reasons people don't trust the police.

And in case you're not UK-based or don't know, UK spycops stole the identities of dead kids and deceived women in green activism and protest groups into having relationships, in some cases even having children, unbeknownst to their wives and kids back home. theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/o

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Well I canโ€™t see @Raspberry_Pi any more (โ€œprofile unavailableโ€) so I guess they blocked me.

This makes me so sad, Iโ€™ve had many friends there over the years, and I presented at their tenth birthday.

Their bullish hair trigger block tech-bro energy is way out of sync with the needs of their diverse community. And their unwillingness to listen to even our most politely described concerns is a huge disappointment.

I guess we just canโ€™t have nice things after all ๐Ÿ˜ข

RPi meta 

fediblock and raspberry pi (we knew thee well) 

Is this the first brand meltdown on 'mainstream' mastodon? It would make me seriously reconsider buying from them in the future if it wasn't already impossible to find stock anywhere.

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Not only was the initial announcement by @Raspberry_Pi pretty tone deaf, but the follow up is nothing but unforced error after unforced error!

Imagine that, as a hacker focused brand announcing to your audience of hackers on a hacker-heavy social network, you've proudly hired a surveillance cop?! When the backlash unsurprisingly arrive you then dismiss all of their concerns as childish and trolling?!

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)

Advent of Code Solution - Node.js Code Golf 

Advent of Code Solution - Node.js Code Golf 

Advent of Code Solution - Node.js Code Golf 

Advent of Code Solution - Node.js Code Golf 

A picture of nine empty QR codes, so you can see what the backgrounds look like. All version 4, error correction level M. No mask, then masks 1 through 8.

You've heard of "I don't want your fucking app."

Now get ready for "I don't want to join your fucking Discord server just to get basic information that should be on a proper website instead of hidden away in the archives of a fucking chatroom."

The only reason Brave and any of its products exist is as a shady cash grab after CEO Brendan Eich got fired from an executive position at the Mozilla Corporation for repeated instances of sexual harassment and coming out as a massive homophone who was donating large amounts of money to lobby for gay marriage to be illegalized

The privacy marketing is a scam

They operate and monetize in all the same ways as Google: They are spying on you

They do cryptocurrency BS on top of that

Donโ€™t buy in

Anyone else doing digital day-planning on an iPad (or other tablet)? I really love it. GoodNotes is my app of choice for that purpose, and lots of other tasks too. I use a custom template I made in Affinity Designer.

Itโ€™s meditative to bookend each day with five or ten minutes planning the next day, writing a brief diary entry, tracking habits etc. So much nicer to actually write than to type!

Spent ages battling a bug in #Pandoc. Only to discover that the documentation was wrong!

So I raised a pull request to fix it.

Now you can easily embed fonts into ePub documents.


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